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Impact Gel reduces the energy transferred from the tree of the saddle to the horse’s back. The ultra light_ high impact reduction system_ adds high performance to the base layer by reducing inconsistencies in the fit of your equipment. This unique reduction system fills in the space between the saddle and the horse’s spine providing unsurpassed shock absorbing ability and equalizing pressure points. The ultimate result is improved comfort for the horse and more control for the rider.Woven Impact-Gel pad is 36inch x 34inch and is made with 100% wool fleece backing.

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Shock-absorbing wool blend felt wicks moisture from your horse’s back helping to keep your horse comfortable on those long rides. Toklat’s contoured pad shape conforms to your horse’s topline_ positioning the pad in place for optimum comfort. Pads feature wither cut out or cut back to provide pressure reliefe in the sensitive wither area_ especially for high-withered horses with narrow builds. Pad is trimmed with suede wear leathers and spines.Features: 1/2inch wool blend felt – grey.

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#10-1783 Trail Saddles_ Billy Cook Saddle .Tree: Trail rawhide covered quarter horse bar & gullet. Special made for trail riders. .Seat Size: 15inch and 16inch_ smooth padded quilt .Horn: 2 1/4inch Pleasure leather covered with BC cap .Swell: 13inch hand stamped basket .Cantle: 5inch leather with Cheyenne roll. .Rigging: Flat plate rigging with brass hardware. .Skirts: Artificial wool lined .Stirrups: 2inch Bell leather covered. .Pattern: Hand Stamped Border .Special: Chestnut with saddle strings_ Clip N Dee.

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Use this deluxe saddle bag to store your items while exploring the trails. Complete with two water bottles in easy to reach compartments. Durable nylon with quilted design and made to fit around cantle. 5inchx11inchx12inch with additional velcro side pockets. Water resistant and insulated. 4 Dee rings to attach to saddle.

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This Weaver Tom Thumb bit is made of stainless steel_ ensuring it won’t rust or tarnish. It has a 6 1/2inch shank and 5inch mouth with copper and stainless steel rollers for calming the horse. Can be used to introduce curb pressure to a young horse.

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The Weaver Smart Cinch is the SMART and EASY way to cinch up your saddle. The unique two roller design allows the latigo strap to roll freely and gives you more leverage. .The patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle makes it effortless to cinch up your horse more securely the first time_ every time!..Nylon straight cinches feature a 1/2inch black 100% felt backer for extra comfort. .Nylon off billet holder. .Stainless steel buckles (including patented Roll Snug Cinch Buckle) and dees. .Horse Size

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Premium polypropylene leads have a soft_ broken-in feel you will love! .Measure 5/8inch wide x 10′ long. .Features a heavy-duty_ beefy solid brass 255 snap that’s designed for durability.

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