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Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree_ 12inch endurance style_ semi-quarter horse bars. .Seat: 15inch_ 16inch .Rigging: Western style inchCenter Fire_inch solid brass ring and dees. .Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll cantle binding. .Trim: Smooth leather jockeys_ leather conchos_ Cordura Nylon skirts and rear housings_ four attached eye loops_ six clips and dees_ breast collar dees_ dee for attaching back strap and crupper. .Skirts: 15inch is 25inch x 14inch 16inch is 26inch x 10.5inch .Fenders: 18inch x 7 1/inch nylon_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with Blevins buckles. .Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad. .Finish: Black .Weight: Approximately 18lbs

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Tree: Ralided flexible tree_ quarter horse bars .Rigging: 7/8 double conventional_ heavy stainless steel dees. .Seat: Grainout with extra padding. .Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch cheyenne roll. .Trim: Smooth leather front_ jockeys_ and cantle binding. Cordura nylon skirts_ fenders and housings_ breast collar dees. Star conchos with clipping dees for attaching saddle strings. .Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pedal. .Finish: Brown.FEATURES: Seat padding is made of Visco-Elastic memory foam_ originally developed by NASA. This foam conforms to the body (redistributing body weight and reducing skin pressure by 50%)_ which greatly improves circulation_ reduces spinal pressure_ and provides more comfort on long rides.

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Tree: Ralide 13inch barrel front_ quarter horse bars. .Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch leather cantle binding. .Rigging: 7/8 position_ stainless steel dees. .Seat: Roughout Padded .Trim: Cordura Nylon skirts_ housings and fenders_ leather conchos_ leather front and cantle binding_ padded leather seat. .Skirts: 24inch X 10inch Oregon round_ fleece lined_ slotted and reinforced for installing flank billets. .Fenders: 18inch x 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with Blevins buckles. .Weight: Approximately 17lbs.

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Neoprene breast collar with removable webbing and buckles so each part can be cared for separately. The closed-cell neoprene does not absorb moisture or sweat_ and is comfortable and lightweight for your horse.

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Big Horn Breast Collar

As a company Big Horn does an excellent job at making sure that every size and shape or horse has a saddle to fit it. This new model is called a Flat Top-Line saddle_ making it perfect for any horse with just that—a flat top-line. If your horse or mule has a straight_ flat back with less-defined withers_ this is the saddle for you. It’s built on a fiberglass-covered wood tree and fashioned out of Big Horn’s quality Cordura. It also features swept-back swells_ brass hardware_ and a grain-out_ padded seat. .Specifications: .Tree: Fiberglass-covered wood with flat top-line bars_ swept-back swells .Seat: Grain-out_ padded .Cantle: 4inch .Gullet: 6 3/4inch .Rigging: 7/8inch solid brass double conventional rigging. Brass crupper ring_ breeching_ and breast collar dees .Trim: Brass hardware and saddle strings .Finish: Show brown .Weight: 22 lbs

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